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FRT Profilometri

ID number P028
Product number 3050-03,9643
Manufacturer Fries Research & Technology GMBH
Model The MicroProf
Model number 200
Owner Organization MAMK
User Organization Mikpolis+MAMK
Material Technology
The MicroProf works as an optical profilometer (2D) as well as an imaging measuring instrument (3D) by means of a scanning process. Roughness and waviness can be determined in 2D or 3D according to DIN EN ISO standards. With the optical sensor FRT CWL, the sample is illuminated by focused white light. Evaluating the reflected light, the sensor investigates the structures on the sample at a working distance of 4 mm.
Basic Information
Purchase year 2006
Weight [kg] 120
Power [kW] 0.2
Software FRT Mark III Version 3.8