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Stylus Profilometer

ID number P027
Product number 301-007-26
Manufacturer Veeco
Model Dektak 6M
Owner Organization MAMK
User Organization Mikpolis+MAMK
Material Technology
Dektak 6M profilometer measures the surface topography electromechanically by moving a sample beneath a diamond-tipped stylus. As the sample stage moves, the stylus scans over the surface of the sample. The vertical movements of the stylus is measured and recorded simultaneously during the scanning, which reveals the topographical structure of the surface.

The instrument has vertical resolution in nanometers and horizontal resolution as small as twenty nanometers. Programmable stylus force and scan speed allow measurements on variety of substrate materials.


Dektak 6M can be used to profile surface topography and waviness, as well as measuring surface roughness in the nanometer range.


* Computer controlled measurement
* Nanometers vertical resolution
* Mechanical and optical components for sample placement, viewing and scanning
* Styluses with different sizes permit measurement in a wide range of applications
* A color, high-resolution video camera for color video of a 2.6x2.6 mm area
* Convenient X-Y positioning
Basic Information
Purchase year 2006
Weight [kg] 20
Power [kW] 0.7
Software Version 8.35