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ID number P012
Product number 04-2778-17-X3HS
Manufacturer Q-Panel
Model Q-SUN Xe-3-HHS
Importer Pinteco Oy
Owner Organization MAMK
User Organization Mikpolis+MAMK
Material Technology
Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber reproduce the full spectrum of sunlight, including ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared.A Q-Sun fitted with Water Spray is a fullfeatured accelerated weathering tester. RH Control is an important option because humidity causes physical stress on indoor materials and it can affect the speed at which a wet material dries outdoors.
- Q-Sun Xe-3-HHS
- Säädettävä syklinen tai jatkuva vesisuihkutus
- Aallonpituusalue 280-800 nm
* Filteroitavissa
- Näytetarjotin 450 mm x 780 mm
Basic Information
Purchase year 2005
Control voltage [V] 3-vaihe
Power [kW] 6
Software SPECVIEW 3.18
Xenon varalamput 3kpl (436€/kpl)
X-7462-K Ikkuna-lasi suodattimet 3kpl (132€/kpl)
X7687-X RS232/RS485 PC-yhteys + ohjelmisto
Tietokone + Näyttö
Kalibrointilaite CR-20/340/420
Vedentislauslaite Elqa Medica Purelab R7
2,6 l/min