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Laser Speckle Exstensometer

ID number K002
Product number 3005
Manufacturer MESSPHYSIK
Model ME-53-33
Importer MTS Systems Norden AB
Owner Organization MAMK
User Organization Mikpolis+MAMK
Material Technology
Laser speckle extensometer: non contacting; without marking, no preparation of the surface, low laser power, independence of surface, independence of specimen temp.
Techical data: laser controllable up to 3 mW, wave length 650 nm, CCD camera (detector), imaging by frame grabber card, resolution of displacement 1 um, resolution of expansion 2 x E-5.
The Triangulation Sensor Head ME 53-33 turns the cameras to vary the camera distance, called Lo or the measuring length. The Laser Speckle Extensometer works with virtual marks. These marks are measuring fields which detect surface movements.
Basic Information
Purchase year 2005
Weight [kg] 50
Power [kW] 0.3
Master camera ME53
Slave camera ME53