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TGA analyzer

ID number P031
Product number 220-10-155-K
Manufacturer Netzsch Gerätebau GmbH
Model Iris
Model number 209 F1
Owner Organization MAMK
User Organization Mikpolis+MAMK
Material Technology
The thermo-microbalance operates in a temperature range 10 ºC (thermostat cooling) and 1000 ºC with freely selectable heating rates from 0.001 K/min up to 100 K/min. The exact sample temperature is detected by a thermocouple in direct contact with the crucible. The vacuum-tight, upright assembly and the integrated mass flow controllers for the purge and protection gases create conditions for coupling to an FTIR.
Basic Information
Purchase year 2007
Weight [kg] 50
Power [kW] 0.5
Software Proteus
Single temperature controller ser.no 352 8/1 092
Diaphragm pump ser.no 065639
Cooler Julabo F25 ser.no 10118157