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ID number P026
Product number 608301
Manufacturer Veeco
Model Ap0100
Owner Organization MAMK
User Organization Mikpolis+MAMK
Material Technology
The CP-II Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) provides high performance and value for material and physical science research. The CP-II head, designed to accept an on-axis microscope, utilizes patented ScanMaster closed-loop scan-linearization to image areas of up to 100x100 µm. The system is designed for ease-of-use with integrated high-magnification color optics and a motorized Z stage that makes finding features, changing the premounted tips, and switching samples fast and easy. The system's complete library of both standard and advanced image modes, and a host of accessories and hardware options, guarantee application flexibility and make the CP-II the best performer of any scientific SPM in its price class.
The 5 micron Scanner
The CP-II 5 micron scanner is a piezoelectric scanner used to perform high resolution SPM imaging and is able to achieve atomic resolution. The 5 micron scanner performs contact, TappingMode, STM in air and liquid and is compatible with all CP-II SPM modes. CP-II's ProScan® control software provides a software based correction for the 5 micron scanner.
Basic Information
Purchase year 2006
Weight [kg] 100
Power [kW] 0.7
Software ProScan Software, v 2.1
SPMLab Vr 5.01